If everyone in the world is like Klein

  • Warriors striker Kevin Durant recently participated in the podcast program of well-known basketball player Bill Simmons. During this time, he revealed an interesting story about Klay Thompson.

    "The day before he scored 60 points (December 2016 against the Pacers), Clay missed training and he didn't come," Durant recalled. "He just missed it. Everyone knows when to train. At the beginning, everyone was thinking: 'Where's Clay?'"

    "We called him and kept calling. He didn't come to NBA Live Coins train. He just didn't come. The second night, he scored 60 points." Durant said.

    "We don't know what happened. I remember him saying: 'I was late for an hour or two, so I thought I might as well continue to lie in bed.'" Durant said.

    "If everyone in the world is like Clay, the universe will be better," Durant said.