Abandoned kicker Markit - Kim was waived or not with the coach

  • Last week, the Raiders unexpectedly chose to abandon Marquette King. Gold's abandoned play performance is stable and excellent. Last season, the net average code of 42.7 was also set a new career high. He had three years of contract left.

    However, the new coach Jon Gruden seems to be unable to get along with Kim.

    According to a report by the Raiders accompanying the team, Grooten was the person who decided to send Kim. He seemed to be dissatisfied with Kim's personality rather than questioning his skills.

    Although the specific issue is not stated, Grooten is not the only one who is unhappy about this. Jack Del Rio, former coach of  Madden Coins the Raiders, expressed dissatisfaction with Kim’s actions in 2016. Kim’s two consecutive games resulted in personal fouls and led the team to a penalty of 15 yards.

    Cutting gold to help the raids save 2.9 million US dollars in salary space, and currently there is no discard kicker on the market to dare to get a higher price.