The opportunity to complete the buzzer was in front of him

  • In the first 10 seconds of the first quarter, the Golden Knight set off a counterattack. Carlsson divided the ball from the left wall to the front of the door. The opportunity to NHL Coins complete the buzzer was in front of him, but Jones stepped out again and put Tucker's shot in place with a pad. On the outside, the team did not lose the goal, the two teams entered the second quarter with a score of 1-1. In the third quarter 3:03 seconds, the Golden Knights took the lead to open the situation. They used the collision to make a mistake in the shark. Theodore left the ball and shot directly. Lindberger scored on the ball. 1-2, Golden Knight once again took the lead.


    However, tenacious sharks did not give up. In 9 minutes and 50 seconds, Pawelsky took advantage of the open position in the position. He made some adjustments and made a decisive shot. Although blocked, the goalkeeper Vladiski received a rebounding ball. Backhand shot succeeded. 2-2, Shark equalizes again. This ball gold knight considered that there was a suspicion of interference with the goalkeeper and decided to challenge him. However, after watching the replay, the referee decided that the ball was valid. At the end of the second quarter, the two sides once again entered the final battle with a 2-2 equalization.