Although there is still the FA Cup honor to win

  • Kane and Sterling can almost guarantee their starting position. In the midfield position, Southgate hopes that the player can participate in the offense, while ensuring that the link is played in the front and back. Although Rushford can also play this position, only two players can compete. Manchester United winger Lindgard, who is in excellent condition, scored a three Lions sub-team in the Dutch World War I and assisted Italy in Wembley. Since the season so far, Ringgard has averaged 1.47 chances per game, free kicks from Italy to help Valdy break the goal. The 25-year-old Lingard has scored 13 times, more than double the number of goals he scored in the previous season. At the same time, he is also good at the characteristics of FIFA Coins flash in the key battle to make him stand out. Another competitor is Ali. He has not reached the best level this season, but he still averaged 2.17 times per game and sent 0.33 assists. The 14 assists in each event made him second only to De Bruyne and Sane.


    Although there is still the FA Cup honor to win, Mourinho and his Manchester United are no doubt experiencing a disappointing season. The league's behind the top team nearly 20 points, the Champions League is embarrassingly stop the last sixteen, the first conceded the game can not catch up, the ball can not hold the advanced game, the high price of new aid mediocre, to the season merits trapped in the embarrassing situation The dullness has led to buzzing, and the provision of the bus to meet the enemy has provoked criticisms. The much-anticipated "Mu two years" has not turned into a harvest season, and it is an unprepared dilemma in coaching career to meet madmen. From the strategic direction to the tactical choice, Mourinho has too many places to blame, but one of the most striking ones is his use of Pogba.