Fowler slammed the ball into the net with the stomach

  • In the 17th minute, Kuyt made a right-sided pass and Demichelis failed to FIFA Coins make a clearance. Fowler slammed the ball into the net with the stomach in the penalty zone, and the Liverpool veteran team led 3-0. In the 20th minute, Ze Roberto sent a long pass and Tony header succeeded. The Bayern Veterans returned a goal, 1-3. In the 22nd minute, Sergio made a cross from the right, Ziegler headed home and scored a goal, Bayern veterans 2-3. In the 30th minute, Ze Roberto crosses the frontier of the penalty area and Sergio succeeds. 3-3, Bayern veterans equalize.


    In the 31st minute, Carrag heads the ball to hit the crossbar. In the 33rd minute, Alonso passed the Oolong assist, and Ziegler made a headed goal to break easily. The Bayern veteran team went 4-3 to overtake the score. In the 39th minute, Fowler headered in the penalty zone. In the 41st minute, Steven Gerrard sent a long pass and Owen was shot by Boots at a close range. In the 42nd minute, Elber passed the penalty area, and Tony made a shot above the crossbar. In the 44th minute, Fowler scored a direct free kick on the right side of the penalty area. The ball hit the wall and refracted into the net. In the first half, Liverpool veteran team 4-4 Bayern veterans.