All this does is give the illusion of consistency

  • The NHL commissioner announced on the last day of the general managers’ meetings that the league’s situation room in Toronto — not on-ice officials — will soon have final say in all goalie interference challenges. It was perceived as a band-aid fix. Whether the call is being made by the referee on the ice or a group sitting in front of a TV monitor, you’re not going to  NHL Coins get consistency with a rule that is subjective in nature.


    All this does is give the illusion of consistency. And because of that, the next step in this process is to start penalizing coaches for challenging calls that don’t get overturned, which could come as early as next season.Having the situation room make the call on goaltender interference, with the addition of a retired referee to that group, needs the approval of the NHLPA and the league’s board of governors. Bettman hopes the initiative can be pushed forward in time for the playoffs.