Michael Bennett is 32 years old

  • Michael Bennett is 32 years old. The Philadelphia Eagles used a fifth-round draft pick, a seventh-round pick and wide receiver Marcus Johnson to trade Bennett to the Seattle Seahawks. Bennett's The Philadelphia Eagles' defense frontline is even stronger. Other quarterbacks in the League of Madden Coins Nations are absolutely scared because Eli Manning was last season (killed 31 times, second in career), and Daco Place. Kort (killed 32 times, career most) or the original Redskin quarterback Kirk Cousins ??(killed 41 times, career most) have been given unprecedented "treatment", and the new season Philadelphia eagle It is a defensive striker with a historical level, which will be a nightmare for the National East quarterbacks. After the Hawks once again strengthened their defense front, Michael Bennett felt more deeply.


    "I think the Hawks may now have one of the greatest defensive fronts in history. I think as long as we treat the game the same way as before, we can show the greatest defensive performance in history. We just need to play and keep going. The team used to treat the game before, and then introduced more great players, and let these great players continue to appear in the stadium, they will contribute in every defense. I think the basis of a great defense is to have a profound The rotation is just like the way of the Golden State Warriors. What you are hoping for is that kind of player who can get points for every shot.”