After 120 minutes of hard work

  • Sarney is currently only 22 years old and has great potential. The data of Gao Guang has also made him a recognized demon star. For the prospect that he will win the golden ball, Saan is very modest: "To be honest, I never thought about Golden Ball. I don't think that I can win the golden ball myself now. In some interviews I was asked about the question of winning the golden ball. I usually say I don’t care about this because it’s too early for me to think about winning the golden ball, if someday I It's a great thing to FIFA Coins be able to get this award, but it is definitely not now."

    After 120 minutes of hard work, with Pedro's goal in overtime, Chelsea 2-1 forced Klester City to team up with Manchester United, Tottenham and Southampton to reach the FA Cup semi-finals. After the match between Chelsea and Leicester City, the English Football Federation held the draw for the first time. Former Chelsea stars Zola and Arsenal goalkeeper Cech as guests, attended the FA Cup draw ceremony.