With the opening of the second quarter

  • The laggards of the Golden Knights continued their onslaughts. However, the Wild Team used more chances to continue the onslaught in the 15th minute. Defender Matt Dunbar hit the post and allowed the Golden Knights to escape. In the last 5 minutes, the Golden Knight completely controlled the situation on the court, allowing the Wild Team to shoot only one shot, but their offense did not yield any results. Most of NHL Coins the shots were not blocked or blocked. Enter the second quarter with a 1-0 score.


    With the opening of the second quarter, the Golden Knights had a good chance. William Carlsen received a direct shot from the teammate's pass and the ball blew up on Strouk's helmet, causing the Wild Team to get a cold sweat. In the 6th minute, the wild team's three strikers once again opened the situation in the frontcourt, Charlie Coyle instigated the offensive in the floor area, he handed the ball to partner Matt Coulen, the latter in the case of the interference of the Golden Knight guards In a close round, the ball was saved by Fowlerui, followed by Coyle's shot and scored 2-0.


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