Steve Kem as the team general manager faced an unprecedented

  • Steve Kem as the team general manager faced an unprecedented Madden Mobile Account challenge; he needed to build a successful team under the leadership of new coach Steve Wilkes - and in quarterback Carl In the case of Forest Palmer retiring. He did not gamble on the future, with the first round 10 selection Josh - Rosen, and Lawson's arrival also set the direction for the team's idea. In the team, the defensive end has done enough, but the offensive end must start from scratch.

    The Cardinals' first four draft picks this year are all used on the offensive end. In the second round, picker Kristian Kirk, with a total of 47 overall picks, is strong and extremely fast. He will also be the team's new season. No. 2 catcher. The third-round pick of Mason Cole, with a total of 97 picks, and Chase Edmonton, who has a total of 134 picks in the fourth round, also helped the team's diverse offense.

    Although the Browns, the Jets and the Bills all hope to get a good quarterback on this year's NBA Draft, the Cardinals are lucky enough to pick their favorite candidate with the 10th overall pick.