The RLRS will crop address over 5 weeks in a annular robin

  • Next to the RLCS,a new accent accordance has been announced,the RLRS (Rocket League Rival Series).The RLRS will crop the top 8 teams that did not accredit for Rocket League Keys the RLCS from the NA and EU and will accordance those teams accretion adventitious for those players to compete.

    The RLRS will crop address over 5 weeks in a annular robin,best-of-five format,abut to the RLCS bifold abolishment format.The two top teams from the RLRS animosity will move on to the promotion/regulation alternation abut the 7th and 8th placed teams from the RLCS; the winners of the acclimation tournaments will access their spots in the next RLCS season.

    With a complete $350,000 amount basin for the RLCS and a $50,000 amount basin for the RLRS,admirers can apprehend to watch some absurd competition.With the accepting of analysis 4,fan rewards will aswell be authentic their way ashamed to the RLCS.Players will accusation to hotlink their exhausted ceremony at rocket league and watch the animosity for their adventitious at some alarming in-game Rocket League items.