Psyonix apologizes for the aggravation and tells us

  • When deploying the amend Tournaments accessory Rocket League Keys interface problems and abnormally lags appeared on the bold servers . Eight canicule later, the hotfix v1.44 solves these problems, but generates an bend aftereffect on the ascendancy animate of one of the Psyonix server vendors.

    Indeed, the rules of reboot no best accomplished and servers could not abandoned the RAM for example. The servers were afresh saturated and provided a amiss service.To antidote this, Psyonix and the bell-ringer accept adapted the operating systems and the ascendancy animate . They will aswell change some accouterments in the advancing weeks.

    Psyonix apologizes for the aggravation and tells us why lags were felt. It is advantageous for a administrator to accompaniment his / her problems so the players bigger accept the appropriate adjustment time.