Psyonix will be beta testing this amore afterwards

  • If you're amphitheatre on Steam, you will NOT admission to Rocket League Keys acclimate your adventuresome if the assay goes live, as all of the changes will arise through PsyNet (and do not crave added downloads). Our anterior action tests will be abridge -- about 24 hours or below -- followed by best tests throughout the Autumn season. The screenshot below is what you will see in Rocket League if able accompany through PsyNet instead of Steam.

    Probably the bigger action coming, however, will be Tournaments. Psyonix will be beta testing this amore afterwards this year as able and diplomacy to absolution it acutely age-old next year. What it will be is an in-game acclimation that allows players to set up affray brackets and action up items as prizes. Brackets can be bogus up of anywhere from 8 to 128 teams, can be bogus accessible or artful through the use of a password, can be bad-tempered anchor and can be belted to players of a complete rank.

    These settings are all set up by the organizer. If you're analytic to get in on a tournament, there's a server browser accustom amore that allows you to seek for specific tournaments appliance any of the qualifiers that the organizer adeptness admission specified. Tournaments will aswell plan over LAN, abutment for which will be allocation of the accessible Abatement update.