More happy than ever

  • Rocket James Harden said in an interview that he is very happy now.

    "I am very happy and happy than ever." Harden said.

    Harden went on to say: "I think you have to look at our performance on the court. The obvious point is that winning shows this, it feels like a sincere kind of thing, we really want to NBA Live Coins see Everyone succeeds, from top to bottom, so behind the scenes and in the locker room there really is that atmosphere. Tucker and Lane (Anderson) can play together. I can tell Tarek (Black). A piece of play, we really love to be with each other, and I think this was never after I came to the Rockets."

    "We all played on a very good team, but we also have players who played on teams that are not that good. One of the reasons that we cherish this moment is that we know what it's like to lose and we know How wonderful it is for us to have this opportunity," said Harden.

    Harden went on to say: "We are a dynamic team, and we have full momentum from top to bottom, but we don't put too much pressure on ourselves. We just play on a high level of competition and then good things happen. "

    "We move forward and back together. That's it. We communicate every day. We move forward and back together. If one person fails, we all fail, so we will complete the journey together," said Harden.