Torino Stadium keeper is shot in a cane by Candreva

  • Italian media reported that in the league FIFA Coins last weekend, Inter Milan winger Candreva's free-kick hit a Turin Olympic stadium administrator on the sidelines, causing the opponent to be injured and his spleen removed.

    This bizarre and terrible incident took place in Turin's 1-0 win over Inter Milan at home last Sunday. In the 23rd minute, Candreva's free kick flew into the stands and hit the 25-year-old Marco Lapisalda.

    The field administrator was a college student. He was back to the goal to check the safety of the crowd of fans and did not realize that the ball hit him on the back with such a fast speed. According to "The Evening Post" and information from Italian Sky Sports, he was rushed to hospital that night because of back pain and he had to undergo surgery to stop internal bleeding. Subsequently, he was removed from the spleen.

    Turin and Inter Milan have sent some jerseys to this unfortunate college student. In order to improve the safety of home games, the future field administrators will be sitting in a place protected by plexiglass.