DeRozan talks about the fans gifts I am grateful

  • Raptors star Demar DeRozan had exposed his psychological difficulties to the fans during the All-Star game this season, and the fans spontaneously acted to express their support for DeRozan.

    Before the Toronto Raptors home game against the Magic, several fan representatives met DeRozan and gave fans gifts. The fans gathered their blessings on DeRozan to become a book with more than 260 pages. At the same time, they also donated 3,500 US dollars to the Canadian Lupus Erythematosus Disease Group, DeRozan's mother and a woman. Aunt has been troubled by lupus erythematosus.

    "We thought that there might be hundreds of NBA Live Coins people to participate in this event, but the final scale is far beyond our imagination." One fan said.

    "Thank you for taking your time and doing these things for me. It means a lot to me," DeRozan said to the fans. "It's cool. Thank you."

    "I'm really grateful for this," DeRozan said. "I'm sure it's also important for many other people. I'll read it in my locker room."

    "To be honest, when I said those things, I didn't expect anything. I just said my feelings," De Rozan said. "I didn't expect so many people to reply to me. It might be me. The most accurate decision that has been made in my career so far has been very cool."