Mirotic Happy to Regain Confidence

  • The match was defeated by the Grizzlies 123-95 in the match NBA Live Coins and the players were interviewed after the match.

    Itowan Moore said this is his best season.

    "This season is great. If we go into the playoffs, it will be better. We need to win the next few games and make a final decision." Moore said.

    Regarding the question of whether or not there was good luck because of shaving, Nikolai Mirotic said he would continue.

    "Maybe it is, I'm very happy to get some confidence. We really need this victory. Do you know? I'll continue to shave it," Mirotic said.

    In the game, Moore played 29 minutes. He scored 30 points, 1 rebounds and 4 assists in 11 of 16 shots. Mirotic played 27 minutes, scoring 25 points and 7 rebounds in 12 shots.