Conte may not coach Chelsea next season

  • Gary Neville said that he thinks Conte should not coach FIFA Coins Chelsea next season, but that quick results through short-term coaching may be the key to the success of the club.

    Throughout the season, Conti has been complaining about Chelsea's poor signing in the summer transfer window. After being beaten by 1-3 against Spurs on Sunday, they have become even more distant from qualifying for the Champions League next season. Now.

    Although the Italian coach led the team to win the league championship in the first season of the Premier League, Neville believes that his current situation is actually something that many coaches who once coached Chelsea have encountered.

    "I think he shouldn't be there next season," he said. "We thought so 6 to 7 months ago.

    "It's not because we don't want him to stay, or we don't think he's done the job well. It's just a common situation to be a coach here. When you lead the season this season is worse than last season." If you do, then you have to leave.

    "This may eventually lead to a series of turbulence. The press conference became the stage for the club's board and the head coach to compete with each other. This kind of thing has happened here many times.

    "In the past 10 years or so, Chelsea have been a successful club, but they tend to experience a noticeable decline in the second season of winning the championship. Each top-tier giant hopes to win the championship, not in the team record. In the good case, you can't complain about the club's decision to fire. But the coaches who came here to coach are very clear that they won't get too long."