The rapid progress of the Welsh international rankings proves

  • Uruguay coach Tavares attended the post-match press conference in the Czech Republic. For the next game against Wales, Tavares stated that he will FIFA Coins use it as a measure of Uruguay’s strength.

    "Through today's game, we now have more fresh blood in the midfield and these young people will continue Uruguay football for the past 12 years. We have players like Godin from the national team 12 years ago. This common memory of the past is precious, and we know that Uruguay is not prepared from now but from a long time ago.

    For the next opponent, Wales, Tavares said:

    “I think that Wales’ progress in FIFA’s ranking in the past few years, and their development and achievements, have already shown that this is a very good team. Welsh has a lot of players who play in the top leagues, every game. For us, it is an opportunity to sum up the performance and review the results. I believe this will be a very difficult test, but it is also an exciting game. "

    "I understand very well that the top football is now all in Europe. Uruguayan teams cannot compete with European giants in terms of talents and finances. It seems that unknown teams often have difficulty achieving results. But this is all possible. Changed. "

    Finally, for the injury situation in Jimenez, Tavares said:

    "There are some problems with the players' feet and they will conduct specific inspections tomorrow."