Sevallos Betis coach advised me to go back several times

  • You are the European Youth League MVP, Cevallos this season in Real Madrid is even difficult to squeeze into the big list, after Betis also hopes to be able to welcome their own star youth training, Sevallos also confirmed in an interview This: "Betis coach gave me a lot of telephone calls to persuade me to go back before, but eventually I didn't make it. My goal is to stay in Real Madrid."

    Sevallos also admitted that he is currently in a difficult situation in Real Madrid, but he will not give up the dream of success in Real Madrid: "This year I played a lot less than I expected, but no one can take away my hope Real Madrid's desire to succeed.I certainly hope to get more playing time, but these tough experiences will make me mature. After the end of the season we look at what will happen, but I really want to succeed in Real Madrid ."