Spanish Football Association rejects Maltese accusation

  • The Spanish Football Association responded yesterday to FIFA Coins the complaints by Malta’s former international and coaches regarding Spain’s poisoning. They stated that these allegations were completely out of nothing and warned that they would take legal measures.

    In an official statement, the Spanish Football Association stated that it refused to participate in part of the final round of the 1983 European Cup qualifier, part of the former Maltese members of Spain's 12-1 Malta. They stated that these accusations were completely fabricated without any actual basis. The Spanish Football Association stated that its own players and staff are absolutely innocent. This game is also one of the most important competitions in Spanish football history.

    The Spanish Football Association finally warned that it will retain all legal means to fight back any tarnish the image of the Spanish Football Association.

    Earlier, in an interview with the Spanish Movistar+, the former Maltese international and coach accused Italy of defeating Malta 12-1 in the European Cup qualifiers on December 21st, 1983, through poisoning in the midfield and taking doping. , and thus thrilling qualifying.