Plandy The team also needs to improve the rhythm

  • The Bucks lost 117-124 to the Cavaliers in the game today. Interim coach Joe Plandy accepted the interview.

    Although the team lost, but Plandy is still satisfied with the performance of the team.

    "Overall I think this is a good night, I think we hit a high quality shot and the shooting rate is also very high," said Planty. "Compared to the last time we were against us, this time the Cavaliers were three points. The ball is very different."

    For problems with Chris Middleton shooting fewer NBA Live Coins in the second and fourth quarters, Plandy said the team still needs to strengthen the transfer of the ball.

    "I think one of the things we wanted to do was to move the ball more," said Planty. "We called for some tactics for Middleton so that he can shoot under cover, I think he made With a correct interpretation, I never did anything."

    Plandy said the team still wants to improve the rhythm.

    "We want to increase the pace and push the ball forward," said Planty. "I know there will be some mistakes when you do that, but those mistakes are within our tolerance."

    After the game, the Bucks record was 37 wins and 33 losses, currently ranked eighth in the East.