Plandy The player hard work is too bad

  • The Bucks lost 117-126 to the Magic in today's game. After the game, the team's head coach Joe Plandy was interviewed.

    Plandy thinks the players' efforts in the game is not enough.

    "The level of effort is too bad," said Planty. "You have to go out and defend your opponent. The players aren't playing hard enough. The opponent has almost every shot. We can't let them get that kind of shot. You need to Out of defense, interfere with them and make their shooting more difficult."

    Planty said that everyone needs to NBA Live Coins stand up and not expect to see Janice Adetokounmpo.

    “Every one of us needs to work hard at the beginning of the game,” said Planty. “This is something for everyone. It has been like this for several times, especially at the end of the third quarter. We all know that we need to De Tokunpo took a break, but nothing happened when he rested."

    After the game, the Bucks record has become 36 wins and 32 losses, currently ranked seventh in the East.