Parker Everyone wants to continue fighting

  • The Spurs lost to the Rockets 93-109 today. After losing the game, the Spurs have already dropped to the 10th place in the West. After the game, Spurs point guard Tony NBA Live Coins Parker was interviewed.

    "I know everyone wants to keep fighting. Our team is very resilient." Parker said.

    The Spurs are also aware internally that even if Kawhi Leonard returns, they will find it difficult to finish the game and prepare for the playoffs. Parker said: "I have seen reports that he wants to return on Friday. In that case, there will be 14 games remaining and we will try our best to do our best. I hope Ke Huai can help us after coming back, but we know this will not be easy because he hasn't played for two months. ”

    "Even if Leonard doesn't return, the situation is very tough, but we will do our best." Parker said.

    Parker played 16 minutes and scored 12 points and 3 assists.