Capella talks about 17 consecutive victories

  • The Rockets beat the Bucks 110-99 today NBA Live Coins and scored a 17-game winning streak. After the match, Clint Capela accepted an interview with the media.

    "The 17-game winning streak is, of course, we know it's very special. We have a group of special players. We enjoy it. We are happy about it," said Capella.

    Capella went on to say: "But for me, the most exciting thing is that we are still in a winning streak, we can do more, we have 17 wins, but we can get even more Victory, it makes me want to stay focused, but of course, we enjoy this moment."

    In today's game, Capella played 19 minutes, 4 of 7 shots, and got 10 points, 8 rebounds and 1 block.