Wharton Our execution is not good enough

  • The Lakers lost 103-108 at home today to NBA Live Coins the Blazers, Lakers coach Luke Walton after the game summed up the defeat.

    Lakers also lead 6 minutes left in the game about 4 minutes left, but then the trailblazer guard Damian - Lillard even into the four three-pointers, to help Portland overtake the score.

    Wharton said: "We have the chance to win, Damian - Lillard at the last minute performance quite impressive."

    Damian - Lillard played 39 minutes today, he voted 12 12, got 39 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists.

    Walton also pointed out that the Lakers' execution on both ends of the court is not strong enough: "We have been working very hard, but the execution has not been done."