Freelance computer: what rates to offer your customers?

  • In the computer world, the number of freelancers is growing. Companies, moreover, appreciate more and more this mode of work which does not link them directly to an employee. However, is it really profitable for freelancers? A brief overview of the different IT skills (IT and telecommunication), and the daily rate of these freelancers, the computer freelance. This will allow you, among other things, to better appreciate your future salary as an independent consultant.

    The digital professions are still as popular as ever
    Driven by recent innovations, the IT and telecommunications sector generates many opportunities. From design offices to hospitals, no one can do without computers today.
    New needs, new professions ... Behind the word "computer scientist" that everyone uses, there are nowadays, a multitude of jobs and especially skills. On their side, the carriers of knowledge understood that it was more interesting to work independently for several companies. Between autonomy and working conditions, many computer scientists are freelancing. The most difficult thing is to find the right price to offer to customers. It depends firstly on the experience but also on its qualifications and knowledge. In terms of computer science, we can see that the most requested skills are:

    Programmer Analyst, Web Developer Engineer, Java Development Engineer, it engineer,
    Embedded Systems Development Engineer, Smartphone / Tablet Application Developer, Coud / Data Engineer, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Webmaster, Graphic Designer, Webdesigner, DTP Model Designer, Head of project, IT director, telecom technician , operations manager, operations technician, multimedia designer , consulting engineer.. The list obviously far from exhaustive. Let's take a look at their daily rates ...

    What is the tjm of freelance computing?
    This is an average daily rate, which can vary significantly depending on the experience and location of the freelancer

    Tip: Ask our experts tips for calculating your TJM!
    simulator daily rate
    The analyst
    The role of the analyst is to study the different ways of implementing a need or a request, within an already existing computer system. To date, demand is very strong, mainly in the Paris region. An analyst earns an average of 450, 00 euros a day.

    The programmer analyst
    The role of the programmer analyst is different from that of the analyst. The programmer analyst develops applications according to a set of specifications. He must then test all the applications and modules he has set up. The average daily rate for a programmer analyst is 370.00 euros.

    The project manager
    The project manager is responsible for monitoring the smooth running of all programs and software. The project manager ensures the design and evolution of the computer system. He ensures among others, the respect of the standards in force. The project manager charges, on average, his day at 550.00 euros.

    The webmaster
    The webmaster's role is the maintenance and administration of a website. He takes care of the server, the network, the databases. Its average price for a day is 330.00 euros.

    The network administrator
    The network administrator is responsible for setting up and monitoring all network flows. In the field, he connects the new servers, establishes the routing and ensures the security of the network. The network administrator earns an average of 400.00 euros per day.
    The operations technician analyzes and corrects first level incidents. He then sends the incidents back to the IT teams. A freelance operating technician earns an average of 250.00 euros per day.

    The network technician
    The micro / network technician installs and evolves the computer park. It connects new workstations, printers, sets the software and detects failures. The average daily rate of a micro / network technician is 260.00 euros.

    The system engineer
    The system engineer is a computer scientist responsible for the servers of a company. It intervenes at the level of the operating systems. It sets them up, updates them, performs backup and system planning. The freelance system engineer earns an average of 500.00 euros per day.

    The ERP administrator
    The ERP administrator (Enterprise Resources Planning), or ERP administrator (Integrated Management Software Package), deals with IT applications that are essential for certain business lines, such as human resources management, accounting management, inventory management or purchasing. The ERP / PGI administrator earns on average 550.00 euros per day.

    The multimedia designer
    The multimedia designer makes still images or flash animations, 3D images ... These images are intended to communicate a message or to argue a text via the internet. The multimedia designer bills on average, his day at 330.00 euros.
    The model maker DTP develops models for the layout of newspapers, magazines or websites. It will respect, of course, the graphic charter. The freelance DTP model maker earns an average of 300.00 euros a day.

    The graphic designer
    The graphic designer produces graphics and information infographics. He usually works under the direction of the artistic director. A graphic designer bills his day, on average 310.00 euros.

    The project director
    The project manager, also project coordinator, ensures the completion of his IT project. He manages the budget, the deadlines, the respect of the standards ... The freelance project manager invoices his day to 790,00 euros on average.
    The production engineer is an administrator or a multi-cap engineer (backup, DBA, system, products ...). The average price of a production engineer is 470.00 euros per day.

    The artistic director
    The artistic director has a broad area of expertise. He creates models, logos, flyers. He develops the graphic chart, and works in collaboration with the project director, the design, the communication officer ... The artistic director invoices his day, on average 800.00 euros.

    The operations manager
    The operations manager coordinates all the interventions of the computer production. The reliability of all applications is under his responsibility. An operating manager who works freelance, bill his day, on average 470.00 euros.

    The developer
    The developer is a computer scientist. Its role is to create software by creating algorithms and inserting them into a programming language. It's a real team work and the developer has to work with different teams. For a day, the developer bills his work at 430.00 euros. The Java, ruby and scala developers record the highest rates.

    Operations Engineer
    The operations engineer is responsible for integrating new applications and interfaces into an already existing system. The operations engineer is paid on average € 410.00 per day.

    The functional consultant
    The functional consultant participates in the implementation of different applications. It must also analyze the functional needs of all employees. It offers adapted solutions and executes all the settings. The average price of a day of a functional consultant is 700.00 euros.

    The business expert
    The expert often intervenes after a software incident. These are usually short missions. The expert must then identify the dysfunction, isolate and repair it. He may also advise and give directions to prevent the problem from recurring. The freelance expert is charged an average of € 690.00 per day.

    It is appropriate for everyone to find the "right price" for their computer to invoice, the most important being always, customer satisfaction.


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