China Flotation Machine is widely

  • BF Type Flotation Machine

    Flotation Equipment flotation concentrator is the abbreviation, refers to the completion of the flotation process of flotation equipment, in the flotation machine, after the addition of pharmaceutical pulp, aerated by stirring, so that some of the mineral particles selectively fixed Above the bubble, floating to the surface of the slurry was scraped to form a foam product, the rest remain in the pulp, in order to achieve the purpose of separation of minerals, flotation machine structure in many forms, the most commonly used is the mechanical agitation flotation .

    Mine Flotation Machine is widely used in roughing, selection and anti-flotation of non-ferrous metals such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel and molybdenum, ferrous and non-metallic minerals.

    At present, large-scale application of flotation machine to mechanical agitation flotation machine is divided into aerated mechanical agitation flotation machine and self-suction mechanical agitation flotation machine. Due to its stable and reliable working performance, it occupies an absolutely dominant position in the flotation equipment industry. Typical flotation machine models are XJM flotation machine, XJM-S flotation machine, XJX flotation machine, XJX-T flotation machine, BF flotation machine, Tank Cell flotation machine, Wemco flotation machine, FJCA float JJF flotation machine, CLF flotation machine, IF flotation machine