Complete Elimination of Tropical Sod Webworms in Cooranbong Law

  • Whether you have a petite garden or a big lawn, lawn care is essential in both the cases. The key features include proper watering, adding manure, adequate sun light for food processing, spraying insecticides and pesticides, frequent grass cutting and mowing, weed elimination, etc.

    Everything mentioned above is indeed very important to the proper growth of lawns. However, what we seldom consider important is removing the unwanted pests. The continuous outburst of these tiny, miniscule worms can wreak havoc in your green lands.

    Therefore, eliminating them from the core is of paramount importance. The most common of them are tropical sod webworms. These worms can do extensive damage to your lawns in just a couple of days. They are mostly found in warm, tropical, or sub-tropical climates.

    These tiny pests are the larvae of an unidentified small brown moth. You must have seen these moths flying around in your lawns. They feed on cool season turf grass and cause dead brown patches everywhere which not only harm the lawns but are difficult to remove altogether.

    Calscut provides excellent pests control services. Our services are diffused over a wide area covering many regions in Australia. Our Cooranbong Grass Cutting Services is a lauded organization, recognized widely for its innovative maintenance facilities and budgetary packages.

    Our experts focus on removing the larvae and not the adult moths because the latter are not harmful. However, they lay their eggs on the surface of the soil which causes grave issues. These larvae feed on the grass blades and create tunnels in the thatch.

    How To Manage Or Completely Remove These Worms From The Lawns-

    Lawn care is incomplete without proper pest control. Hence, we make sure that your green lands receive all the nutrients without losing them to these obstinate and menacing aphids.

    There are some tips you can follow for proper garden maintenance. For example-

    • Provide them with sufficient nutrients, watering them regularly, and using lawn mowing services, if necessary. A well-maintained turf is less susceptible to damage.
    • Do not over-fertilize them as this would only lead to the rapid infestation.
    • Call Calscut garden maintenance services in Cooranbong for frequent mowing. Set the mower to 3 inches to keep them healthy and better so that they can withstand any damage.
    • If you are looking for some DIY, try out an effective mixture for that. Pour a mixture of 1 tablespoon dish soap and 1 gallon of water on the infected patches (one gallon per square yard). It will kill the larvae without affecting the plants in the least.

    Our techniques will help you get rid of these unwanted insects, or larvae from your gardens. There are some bacteria which are great for the health of the plants. However, everyone cannot differentiate them from the harmful ones. Therefore, leave it to the professionals. We evaluate the land and use chemical pesticides if needed. We have some other tools and techniques to kill the target which are very effective.

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