How To Add Gmail Account To Your Android?

  • Are you in a worn out of logging all the time to your account through your PC?

    Sometimes you are not available near your system but needs immediate access to your account; you get in a fluster hoping of what could happen now. All the work gets hampered as you cannot even carry your laptop at times. Gmail provider ensures to eradicate this stake of anxiety with its feature of accessing it to your phone. So, don’t be on the tenterhooks as you can have it on your Android too!

    With this, you don’t need to carry all the stuff on multiple devices but can access it only through one. The first step you must do to have it on your phone the time you buy it. Seamlessly allowing multiple users on the go, it initiates that every user must be well-versed with the advantages and characteristics it offers. Even, you get to enjoy the same features of the app you get through the desktop.

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    Following The Instructions How To Set-Up?

    1. Go to the configurations of your android phone and search for the account settings.
    2. All your list of account will be displayed on the screen in which you have to look for inserting the one.
    3. You are required to tap Google (who powers Gmail) for adding it.
    4. Then, you will be asked for logging-in to your device. Do the same by adding your credentials.
    5. Fill it up with the username and the passcode.
    6. Now you can choose the service you required to be synced.

    On the nutshell, I hope you have set up your Gmail account positively on your Android device. Initially, Gmail has an easy going and a duck-soap process but if you faced the issue in the above directions you are required to reach Gmail Technical Support Number 1800-954-301 at one’s convenience. The professionals are available at all time i.e. during both day and night shifts to convert your problems into solutions.

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