Basic Points of System Administrator

  • Basic points:

    Responsible for the improvement of process and system

    (1) According to the specification, process and product descriptions for the specific network system server daily

    Maintenance, preparation, installation, etc.

    (2) Timely feedback of problems found in practice and assist in the solution, and provide advice on the improvement of processes and systems based on practice;

    Cisco Certified Network Associate Salary

    Responsible for system optimization

    According to the analysis of performance, capacity, reliability and security of the network and system, it provides suggestions for system optimization, and performs system optimization to improve the efficiency of the network and the system.

    Responsible for routine maintenance of the system

    (1) Maintain the security of the company's network system and telephone system and ensure the reliable operation of the network;

    (2) Assist the superior to maintain the company database and ensure the normal operation of the company's server equipment;

    (3) Maintenance of IT facilities related to computers, network hardware devices, system software, application software, etc.;

    (4) Diagnose and eliminate equipment and software malfunctions;


    Skills Training

    (1) Provide timely technical support for the normal operation of the company's various departments' computers and networks.

    High office efficiency;

    (2) Assist higher authorities in compiling teaching materials for computer basic knowledge, common software and other management software, assist higher levels in training, and provide end-users with IT support.

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