Network Analysts - What they do and what it takes to be

  • A network analyst is a general term that best describes to several fields of work related to data communication network and computer systems. They also called as network administrators, network architects, and telecom specialists. The duties they perform are analyzing, configuring, installation, layout and maintenance of the company network, hardware, and systems. Mostly the network analysts have to work together with programmers, IT department, and designers to design the computer systems and are responsible to train the staff how to use them properly.

    Network Analyst is an extension to ArcGIS. Thus, you must enable the Network Analyst extension prior to performing any network analysis. You also need to display the Network Analyst toolbar and, from there, show the Network Analyst window. The steps to accomplish this are covered in configuring the Network Analyst environment.

    Before you can perform a network analysis, you need to have a network on which to perform the analysis. Therefore, your next step is to add a network dataset layer to ArcMap. If the network has not been built, you'll need to build it. If the source features have been edited or the network attributes that reference the source features have changed, you need to rebuild the network dataset.

    A network analysis layer stores the inputs, properties, and results of a network analysis. It contains an in-memory workspace with network analysis classes for each type of input, as well as for the results. The features and records inside the network analysis classes are referred to as network analysis objects. Some properties of the network analysis layer allow you to further define the problem you want to solve.

    Network analyses are always performed on network datasets. Consequently, a network analysis layer must be bound to a network dataset. If you make a network analysis layer using a geo-processing tool, you will set the network dataset as a tool parameter. In ArcMap, a network dataset must be added first so that when an analysis layer is created, Network Analyst can bind the analysis layer to the network dataset.

    Find a Freelance Network Analyst - they can find the best way to go from one location to another or to visit multiple locations. Locations can be specified interactively by placing points on the screen, entering an address or using the points of an existing feature class or feature layer. If you have to visit more than two stops, it is possible to determine the best route to visit them in the order specified by the user. Alternatively, Network Analyst can determine the best sequence to visit the locations, which is known as resolving the problem of the traveling salesman




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