Future of IT Engineering Professionals

  • The IT Engineering have evolved at the speed of light in the last decade and have revolutionized the way we communicate. In this environment, the market demands professionals prepared to solve problems and continue developing the latest technology.

    These studies train highly qualified professionals in the field of information technology and telecommunications. The daily activities of the Telecommunications Engineer cover everything related to telephone installations; application, use and conservation of computers; study and research of communications; creation and application of modern integrated circuit techniques; data transmission by optical fiber, application in medicine of precision instruments and also in military electronics.

    To successfully complete these studies it is necessary to have a very good foundation in mathematics and physics. The difficulty of the subjects requires many hours of study and it is very normal to take one or two more years to obtain the degree. The good thing about so much effort is that the knowledge that the student acquires is applicable to many areas of life and, therefore, has great possibilities within the working world.