What Should You Do When Gmail Not Receiving And Sending Emails

  • There are times when a Gmail user has to face an issue in sending or receiving emails on their email accounts. And in such a situation, the users get panicked and start to search over the internet about the ways to resolve it. If such things happen with you and you are also looking out for some information. Then you should stop searching around and simply follow the steps mentioned below:

    • In the first place, you should check whether the email address you have mentioned to send an email is correct or not.
    • Also, if you are not able to send an email through your Gmail account, you need to check that the user has not blocked you.
    • In addition, in order to resolve the issue of Gmail not sending or receiving emails, you must check your Gmail account settings.
    • Besides, you should look for the Personal Domain Settings other than Gmail; it might possible that some changes that you have made are creating this issue.
    • Aside from this, this might happen that you have poor internet connectivity and because of it, you are not able to send or receive email on your Gmail account. If you find so, then, immediately connect your device with a strong internet connection.

    As you complete the above checks, you will no longer worry about how to fix Gmail not receiving emails issue and you will be able to send and receive emails.

    Moreover, if you don't get any solution after performing the above instructions, then, you should not waste your time and instantly contact the Gmail customer service team to get a solution.