Why Is Google Account Not Working

  • Do you know about the cache storage? Well, it is a storage area that temporarily holds browsing related data so that they can be retrieved without consuming any reload time. You can resolve this problem just by removing the cache from your device. The removal process is easy, and you can do this by following these steps. Hereafter, we will be discussing some other troubleshooting methods on this page. So, no need to get worried if your Google account is not working. Settle your issue now!

    Did you remove the Google Play Store cache from your device?

    • Open the Home screen of your device

    • Navigate to the Apps or Application manager

    • Then you need to scroll downwards

    • Open Storage

    • Click on the Clear cache icon

    • Go back into your Google Play Store after the removal is complete

    • Check whether the issue is removed or still exists

    Did you forget your account password?

    Go for Google account recovery if you are entering the correct login credentials, but Google is not taking them. The account recovery is also suggested to you if you have forgotten the account login password. It is not a time-taking job to recover Google accounts. You can retrieve your account by your account recovery phone number, secondary email address, or security questions.

    Did you install the latest version of Google Play?

    You are more likely to face the concerned problem if you are using an older version of the Google Play Store. Hence, installing the latest version of Google Play is another great way of resolving this issue. Has it settled the issue? Talk to the customer care professionals if the problem exists even after installing the latest version.

    Talk to the customer care professionals

    Having a direct conversation with the tech support officials is the final thing you are suggested to do in this regard. They are committed to helping the users, who are claiming Google account not working. The technical support professionals associated with Google are sufficiently trained and putting their maximum efforts in bestowing the services. Driven by rich industry knowledge, these professionals are widely appreciated for their honesty, dedicated approach, and work enthusiasm. You can make a chat or telephonic conversation with the account security professionals. Nevertheless, sending an email is suggested to you if you are expecting a callback in your preferred time slot.