Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500 with Tech Geeks

  • Are you getting trouble with your Canon Printer 6700?

    Is this device is getting the error code 6500?

    Worry not; fixing Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500 is not a difficult task. Just you can apply some easy methods and solve the error within jiffy.

    Generally this error indicates the “other hardware error”. It means it is the hardware failure issue.

    Here the users are required to reset their printing device and then follow the easiest steps to fix the error code 6500.


    Method 1:- Turned On Canon Device:

    • You need to turn off Device using “Power” button.
    • Now disconnect data cable from device.
    • After that, unplug Canon printer’s power cord at least for 11-12 minutes, and then again connect the plug back.
    • Hence turn on your canon device and check that error has been resolved. If not; then move for the next step.


    Method 2:- Reset the Canon Printer

    • Open device paper output tray.
    • After that open device top cover and wait for some time until print head switched to the center.
    • Now, open inner cover and afterwards check that ink tanks are accurately seated.
    • When you have checked the tanks properly, you are required to tap down every ink tank until a tick is listened.
    • After that close inner and top cover, and then turn off your printer.
    • Hence, at last turn on printer device.

    Hope successfully you have fixed the problem.


    Avail Online Help with Canon Printer Customer Support:

    If your device is still under the danger then, get swift and finest solution with Canon Customer Support. Well experienced and talented team of professionals will resolve the Canon Printer device issue on the spot.