How to Take a Break from a Friend on Facebook without Block or

  • Sometimes you want to take a break from someone on your Facebook account, normally when you change your relationship status like single, divorced, or want to leave it blank. In addition, you can also take a break from a friend whom you want to see less.

    As Soon As You Take A Break From Someone You Will Be Able To Do Following:

    See Less Of Someone: You can make limit where you see that person on Facebook. In case you select to see them less, then their posts, as well as posts they are tagged in, will not appear in your News Feed. Along with this, you won't be prompted tag them in photos or to message them. Follow them; if you want to see their posts again.

    You Can Limit Someone’s To See Your Posts and Your Tags: Simply hide your posts from the opted individual you wish to take a break from. Actually, they will be attached to your Restricted List as well as will only see posts you share publicly or tag them. Moreover, you can also get Facebook Customer contact details or technical help.

    Edit Who Can See Past Posts: You can simply edit who can see your posts for example status updates, photos, videos, etc. Along with this, they are not able to see you're tagged in as well as that you've tagged a friend in by altering your privacy settings.

    Your posts can only be seen by the friends that are tagged in as well as these posts will not appear on your timeline, but still appear on other peoples search results and timelines unless the individual who posted them removes them from the origin.

    In addition, you'll also be detached as a contributor from any shared albums.

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