Simple Ways to Arrange Your Gmail Account with Multiple Inboxes

  • As Gmail is used across the globe for maintaining both formal and informal communication, it comes packed with all the features we would ever need from an email service provider. No matter if you are looking for a friendly user interface or features for a better communication, Gmail have all of them. If you a frequent Gmail user, but you get confused with all the emails scattered all over your inbox, there is a way to deal with the problem. The first thing that you can do is to arrange your Gmail account with multiple inboxes. If you don’t know the steps for the same, you can dial the Gmail Customer Care Toll-free number. And, the experts available on call will help you out in fixing the issues. However, if you want to fix the issue on your own, you must follow the steps that are enlisted below:

    • Click the gear icon which is present at the top right corner of your primary Gmail inbox. A dropdown will appear. In that, select “Settings”.
    • A navigation bar will appear at the top. In that, click “Labs”.
    • Search for “Multiple Inboxes” and then select “Enable”. Click “Save Changes” for saving the changes you have made. After that, Gmail will automatically redirect you back to your inbox.
    • In the left side panel of your inbox, you’ll find all your labels under the “Compose” button. You can scroll down to “Create new label” and create the various groups you would like to bucket your different email types to.
    • You can organize your inboxes based on the action related to the email like some of your emails would require a response from you, some could be to-do list items and others could be items which you can store in a sectioned-off backlog to return to.
    • You can also color-code each label to make your inbox look more organized. For doing this, you’ll have to click the little downwards pointing arrow next to the label in the left-hand panel and select “Label color”. This will help you in visually presenting your multiple inboxes.
    • The gear icon which you used some time before to get to the settings may not be visible on your new screen anymore. Scroll down till you find the gear icon. Navigate back to the Settings and click “Multiple Inboxes” this time present in the top navigation bar.
    • Set the labels you’d like to appear in your inboxes.
    • Click “Save changes” and go back to your organized inbox.

    Just in case, if you are coming across any other issues related to the Gmail, it would be a good idea to contact the experts. Just pick up your phone now and dial the Gmail phone number. But, if you don’t have the phone number for Gmail Technical Support, get it from the website of Contactforhelp. To be precise, Contactforhelp is well-reputed online directory which is known for only enlisting the number of customer support and services.