If messages are missing from Gmail on your iPhone

  • Everyone knows that iPhone is the most lovable smartphone around the world. There is a similarity between iPhone and Gmail that they both are most popular among their categories. Gmail and iPhone make a perfect pair and every user wants to use this pair.

    Sometimes, the messages are missing from Gmail and you are unable to view those messages on your iPhone. There may be two reasons behind it: May be the message deleted by you unintentionally or may be the “archive” option is turn ON in your iPhone so that the message is hidden. In both cases you think that you don’t get the message. But Gmail Technical Support Service will help you as we are providing some guidelines regarding this issue.


    Solution to fix the issue: - Gmail messages missing on iPhone:-

    Here are some guidelines which help you see your missing Gmail messages on your iPhone:-

    1. First of all, open the mail app on your iPhone.
    2. Now tap on “Settings” and go inside it.
    3. After reaching at the “Settings”, you need to select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option.
    4. Here you have to enable the “Ask before deleting”. Sometimes we delete messages by mistake and we have no idea that the specific message is missing and when we need it then we don’t get it because of the obvious reason. So by enable this option, a confirmation need by Gmail before deleting any message.
    5. It will also give you an option to move the message in the Trash.
    6. It is not necessary that the message has deleted permanently. May be it is hidden and that’s why we are not able to view it. To unhide that message you first needs to go to “Settings”.
    7. Now you need to select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and choose your Gmail account.
    8. If your “Archive message” is ON then turn it to the OFF mode.
    9. Once it is done, the Trash icon will restore and you can see your missing messages.

    You can’t get the deleted messages back but after performing these steps you will get the hidden messages. As you saw above, the instructions are quite simple and easy to follow. Gmail Customer Service always provides you the best and easiest solution for any query regarding Gmail.