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    Had our maintenance team out there since last night when they already did a pass, National Park Service spokeswoman Emily Linroth said Saturday. They are really going through with a fine tooth comb and picking up what left. They do this every July Fourth, so they are pros at it.

    With no more warning than a morning of steel gray skies, a tempest snapped the ships like matchsticks, a few survivors would later tell.Nautical records of salvage attempts and previous finds pointed to the spot that Ruth staked out to search. Others know the spot and have made finds there, too.The basic rules of treasure hunting on beaches include finders keepers, but don't dig into the dunes or in protected areas.Because riches go to those who are there first, "You have to be Johnny on the spot," said Mitch King, vice president of the Treasure Coast Archaeological Society."[Hurricane] Jeanne did more destruction than any storm has in years," King said. The last storm to yield finds like Ruth's happened on Thanksgiving about two decades ago, he added.

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    ROBIN KYLE [Foxfire barista]: He spent some time reading the jukebox; I know we had a couple Prince records on there. He came up to the counter and asked a couple questions to someone I was working with; a lot of people around me [were] trying to contain their freak outs. I remember thinking, "Wow, he's really short.".

    Ireland team manager Barney McGonigle said afterwards: "This was a performance which highlighted the tremendous growth and development achieved by all the players in the squad in a very short space of time. The work put in by the coaches and management team with the players was of great benefit to all these talented young men. I'm extremely proud of them all.".

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