Why it’s Worth Being Upgraded to Linear Gas Fireplaces?

  • Winter has been at its full effect this year, with temperature going beyond the mercury levels, especially in countries like the United States and Canada, where the temperature is even reaching like -20 Degrees. During this time, it’s very important for the house owners to keep their houses warm and cozy, hence installing fireplaces are the only option they have in such cases. Today the Modern Fireplaces have evolved a lot with the help of technology, giving them linear style and designs. (Information Credit: http://flarefireplaces.com)  


    Linear Fireplaces or Contemporary Fireplaces are sleek, modern designed fireplaces that can be installed at every house without the hassles of the traditional fireplaces. Linear Gas Fireplaces, like the name suggests, are run by gases which help the house owners to receive the same benefits of the wood burning ones but at a much-reduced cost. The fact that linear gas fireplaces can combine luxury design with ultimate safety features, are making them the most popular household commodity items this winter. Given below are some of the main reasons that promote the installation of Linear Gas Fireplaces in our houses:


    1)    Unlimited Design Options

    Linear Gas Fireplace comes with ultra-modern design features that provide an attractive look at your houses. Unlike the traditional wood-burning ones, they consume fewer spaces and can also be installed at every room of your houses, including bathrooms and kitchens. They are usually installed inside the walls and can serve the purpose of a divider between the two rooms. They can be built by keeping the existing house designs in your mind and can also provide a wide view of flames like an animated art.


    2)    Ease of Operation

    Linear Gas Fireplace provides a user-friendly convenience, which is very much unlike the traditional ones as it doesn’t include the hassles of wood lightning. Linear fireplaces stores sufficient amount of gases that can run them and to raise the temperature, one just needs to turn the remote control on. Hence the problems of gathering woods or stocking the same for reserve are controlled. Moreover, these modern designed linear fireplaces also come with safety cut-off switches that can save them from overheating.


    3)    Low Maintenance

    Wood burning fireplaces come with a few maintenance hassles, as the byproducts of combustion get deposited in the walls of the chimney, and they are required to be cleaned on a regular basis. Avoiding the maintenance can lead to dangerous chimney fires, which cannot be taken lightly. Linear gas fireplaces, on the other hand, avoid the features of chimney maintenance as they are run by gases. For maintaining them, we just need to make sure that there are no gas leakages.


    4)    Ease of Installation

    Traditional wood burning fireplaces require a proper place to get installed in the drawing rooms, which has a large number of spaces for installing the chimneys. However, the modern designed linear fireplaces avoid this requirement, as they can be installed anywhere in the houses with proper gas lines. However, for the linear gas fireplaces, we require some technical persons for their installation, as safety features are to be maintained. If they are taken into account like that, then these modern fireplaces can be installed on every part of the house like bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, drawing rooms etc.

    As a conclusion, we can say that the modern fireplaces are ruling the market in the recent times, due to the features mentioned above and also because of the linear sleek design that can combine the luxury ambient features with safety. Install linear gas fireplaces in your homes today, and get rid of the hassles of lightning woods, and also to get the best comfort in this winter.