Are Vedic and Tantra Astrology Same or Different?

  • Vedic astrology had its origin from the Vedas, which is considered as one of the most important sources of knowledge. Vedas had gifted us with so many knowledge, including the modern day science, which can also be said to have been derived from the Vedas. There are mainly four forms of Vedas like “Rig Veda”, “Sama Veda”, “Yaju Veda” and “Atharva Veda”.


    Some of the best astrologers in Kolkata believe that astrology had also its origin from the Vedas itself, one is the traditional astrology whose results are determined by the planetary movements, and other is the Tantra astrology which somehow deals with black magics. However, the western peoples believe that Vedic and Tantra astrology is entirely different as the former had originated from the Aryans and the later from the Dravidians. However, some of the best astrologers in south Kolkata like Shri Indraraj Priyam believe that Tantra Shastra had originated from the “Atharva Veda” itself and hence completely ethical and respected. (Information Credit:


     The Vedic and the Tantric astrology are almost the same as both of them had the same origin. Infact Tantra is considered to be a modification of the Vedic form and some consider it to be much more effective. The Vedic form mainly represents light, while the Tantra represents energy, hence we can clearly understand that they denote the same meaning as light gives us energy. Moreover Vedic form worship “Lord Shiva” and tantric form worship “Shakti/Kali” who are also considered to be life partners.


    Moreover, some of the top Rishis in the ancient civilization were known to have been worshipping “Shakti” as it denoted ultimate power. Infact some of the important Vedas like “Rig Veda” also denoted Shakti, so we cannot differentiate Tantra with the Vedic form at this point. Not to forget, both of the forms also include performing various Yogyas and rituals to please the gods, and hence it’s concluded that they are basically the same, although they are technically different.


    Now coming to its effectiveness, both of them are effective in their own forms, however, in Tantras, we can expect the results to come faster as we directly invite the goddess to solve the problems. Many western peoples have a confusion of terming the Tantras as black magic or some unethical practices, which some of the best astrologers in Kolkata believes to be completely wrong. They infact believe that Tantra is a kind of sadhana which can be done only by some specific persons, who achieves spiritual wellness through that.