Content Writing Rules that No One would Tell You About

  • When it comes to content writing, you should always play by the rules. It is said that playing by the rules pays. Never in your content writing career should you forget this rule of thumb. If you are an aspiring content writer who wants to join the world of digital writing, you must know that content writing offers a vast area of creativity. You can just let yourself fly high here. Yet, there are some ground rules which you must never break. There are some limits which you must not cross while you are writing for web. The content writing companies in Kolkata look for people who can express creativity without crossing their limits.

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    It is advisable to learn the ground rules at the initial stage or else, you would be setting yourself up for trouble. So, the question here is – what are the rules? What do you have to know to be successful in the content writing career?


    Go by the Clients’ Instruction


    Well, there are countless writers who don’t follow the instruction given by the clients. They either don’t read the instruction well enough to understand or they simply ignore. This happens time and again and the result of this event is nothing but a rework. Remember that you rework for free, no one pays for the additional editing. Therefore, by not following instruction, you are wasting your and your company’s time. Even if you are a freelancer, you need to follow the instruction because the pay depends on proper and timely delivery.


    Use Keywords with Care


    The much worshipped deity of the digital world is the keyword. Without this content writing would not exist. However, as a content writer one needs to know how to place keywords in proper order. You must know where to place the keyword and how many times. Keyword stuffing is a sin which search engine does not forgive. Therefore, learn about keyword placing before getting started as a content writer.


    Write for the Readers


    Yes search engine matters, but readers matter more. The content writing companies in Kolkata look for writers who can write for the readers. Writing for search engine would not help you grow in the career, though you need to know the rules to be on the frontline of the search engine. It is the readers who come back for an thus help increasing the traffic.


    Be Active


    Passive voice works but in the novels not, in the digital world. Readers like active voice which brings action. It is action which readers come back. They don’t want to be bored with lengthy prose which would last forever. While writing keep this in mind. Entertain your readers and make your writing full of action, if possible add quotes to add some excitement to the content.


    Chop them to Pieces


    While writing for the web make sure to be crispy and crunchy, well, not literally though. Joke aside, short paragraphs pay well in attracting attention and also to hold it till the end. Long paragraphs with no subheadings only work when you are writing the next GOT.


    There are too many rules and regulations. Knowing and following them all would help but to become a good writer, you must put on hard work.