How to Buy Best Mobile Phones

  • A decade before mobile phones were launched in the market, initially, it was difficult for the people to adopt the new technology but now it has become the necessity to our lives. Mobile phones are the best companion of our life, it entertains, educates and shows us directions. Moreover that, we share emotions with our phone. The mobile phone is beneficial for us to keep ourselves connected with the world. We usually like spent our time over cell phones. Previously it was a luxury for the people now it has become the necessity. One cannot go out without mobile phones, as during the time of emergency it keeps ourselves connected with our loved ones. Now we carry out most of our work on phones. Due to this high demand, many leading companies have come up with the broad range of phones. But now the question then arises which phone to buy, as you never know which company is providing best phone.2016 was full of technology, many gadgets launched in the previous year. Samsung, Apple, and Gionnee were in trend as they launched the most amazing phones in the market. It is important to buy phones after doing all the research and analysis, as the competition has risen every company considers itself the best.


     Tips to buy best Mobile phones


    There are numerous points which can help you to purchase the best phone. You need to keep some points in mind before buying any phone. Some of the points are as follows;

    1. Platform: One of the most important consideration is the platform, which means on which operating system does the phone works. The performance of the phone is dependent on the platform. There are three major platforms which are:
    • Android: it is a standardized platform on which every highest and lowest phone works. It is integrated with Google services, and in Android platform most of the services are free.
    • iOS: Apple developed iOS, it is one of the most restricted platforms. it is only available on phones and iPads.

     2. Brand: Brands play the vital role when it comes to authenticity of the phone because the name says everything. Bigger the brand more reach it     would have. High-end Brand phones provide best services of the phones. Some of the leading brands in the market are:

    • Samsung: Samsung has the widest reach in the market, the company always come up with the best cost as per everyone's requirement.
    • Apple: Apple is the most likely mobile phone company in the market, it manufactures luxurious phones which suit the status and the quality also.Sony, LG, HTC are also good brands in the market.
    1. Budget: Always buy phones as per your budget, because there is the enormous range of phones which you can buy at any range.
    2. Hardware and Design: Hardware and Design depict the performance of the phone, and the complete performance of the phone is dependent on it. One should always check the memory storage, processor, RAM, and camera quality of the phone.
    3. Battery Life: As we carry out most of our work on phones, so it is mandatory to check the battery life of the phone. More would be the battery life, high shelf life it would have.

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