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  • Silly swimwear manufacturer Sports in Sumo Suits,Think youre a good candidate for Sumo Sports? Stage your own silly sports event and invite your friends and family or make it an activity at your school or church event. Hey, why not consider this wacky costume event for your family reunion, pitting family against family for a gag trophy and maybe some movie tickets? Theres no telling what kind of fun you can have when you throw costumes into the mix!


    Sumo costumes costume manufacturer make for some pretty amusing Halloween costumes. But that's not all theyre good for. Imagine being a contender for the Sumo Suit Athletics World Championships!

    Thirty competitors in cumbersome Sumo wrestling suits gathered at London's Battersea Park to participate in the second annual Sumo Suit Athletics World Championships. The silly sports event included five disciplines, including the high jump and 100m sprint.