Soon after you have said ‘yes!’ and decided to tie

  • Soon after you have said ‘yes!’ and decided to tie the knot with your man, comes the exciting and thrilling process of preparing for your dream wedding and wedding dress. You most definitely want nothing but the best on this very special occasion, and what else would be the first thing to hit your mind, but your wedding dress? Every woman dreams of wearing that perfect gown on her wedding day, and perhaps you are already having a hard time figuring out which style or design will look best on you. There are several styles available, and you will need to carefully choose one that matches your personality, taste and sometimes the location of the wedding.

    Here are some of the most popular styles of wedding dress that have been used and showcased through the years. Take a look at each of them and you might just find what you are looking for.

    A-Line or Princess Line Wedding Dress
    Featuring a fitted body shape and a skirt that has an A outline, this is a very ideal dress that seems to be a top choice since it can suit anyone. It makes your waistline look slimmer, at the same time flattering your bust, too.

    Full-skirt or Ballerina Dress
    Also called as the Fairytale or Ballgown style, this is something you would want to wear if you aspire of looking like a princess on your big day. However, this design is not advisable for women with small breasts and petite body frames.

    Long Sleeves
    This wedding dress style is ideal for those with larger arms, as the long sleeves will be able to conceal them. It also helps emphasize the upper part of your body such as the hips.

    Spaghetti Straps
    This design is perfect for a woman who wishes to show off a pretty neck and beautifully-shaped shoulders. It also helps you achieve a modern and younger look.

    Stun your guests and your groom too by showing a little cleavage with this style. If you plan to wear a good set of jewelry, a v-neckline will make room to emphasize that, as well.
    This is the most exciting time of your life! Don’t stress out about finding the perfect dress. By starting with this guide, you can make your wedding dress search stress free and enjoyable.


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