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  • What happened next was really interesting, though. Late last week, the madden mobile coins Warriors flipped Wallace's dead-weight contract for Jason Thompson, sending Philadelphia minor compensation to further shrink the luxury tax bill and pick up a far more Golden State player than either Lee or Wallace.


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    The DeCommitment' is so amazing Per Bobby Marks, the Warriors would have had a luxury tax bill of $38 million had it kept Lee. Swapping him for Wallace decreased the tax bill to $24 million. Swapping Wallace for the cheaper Thompson brought the tax bill down to $16 million. That means the trades saved


    Warriors ownership about $22 million in luxury tax payments to Buy MUT 18 Coins other teams ... while improving the roster and giving up basically nothing in terms of future assets. (The Sixers deal includes a pick swap that only comes into play if the Heat or Thunder finish with a better record than Golden State next season.
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