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  • Despite the fact that Paul had been made by one, the rocket had retained the full amount of the middle class ($ 8.4 million). Full of special cases, commonly known as "all middle class", refers to the team after the nba 2k18 coins of the total wage is lower than the land line has a special case. The special case can be split; the use of the special contract signed the contract up to 4 years, an annual increase of 4.5%. After the Jonathan Feigen had broke the news, the Rockets hope in the offseason to sign the 2016 second round show. "That part of the is over, it makes me very uncomfortable," said Rivers, "but we have not stopped trying to achieve our goal, and sometimes you have to do it in another way. The way is useless. " Rivers also mentioned the fact that the Clippers had never been able to cross the second round of the playoffs for the past six years, including his own 4-year team coach. "We were close to the break, and then had trouble with," he said. "You certainly want to save, but you can not, but you can not say that it's bad, and that's the way we've been far from the Western Conference." A win, just three minutes to survive the Thunder. "We have successfully knocked on the door, but did not go in." Rivers said the team in the era of the city is still buy nba 2k18 mt a lot of, played the best performance team history. Although the team failed to win the championship, because of Paul, Blake - Griffin and De Andre - Jordan's presence and much responsibility.


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