He understood that they could no 2k mt ride the audience

  • "But in the basketball world, once you get 35 2k mt old, you can not play 2k mt," Cooper said, "I hate that." He understood that they could no longer ride the audience and could not play 82 games in the season. But if they only need to play 10 half-time game, the season length of only 10 weeks, while the game from 48 minutes to 25-30 minutes down? If each team has only three players to play, the larger space and less confrontation, more emphasis on technology rather than the body? "I know what you're thinking about," said Jeff Huonati, a famous entertainer who 2k mt with Cooper. "It sounds like the old men are going to perform Harlem basketball, but it's not a group, There are technology smart people. They just can no longer and John - Wall together with the audience over 82 games. "This is a half three to three basketball tournament, the league has eight teams, the players lineup luxury Such as the 2003 All-Star: Kenyon - Martin, Mike - Bibby, Jermaine - O'Neill, Rashid - Lewis and Corey - Maggette and so on. But the headlines belong only to that person, 2k mt. He is the player and coach of team 3, and about the group who accompanied him from the beginning of his career to the end, Larry Brown coach may have something to say, but even if the nba 2k17 coins kaufen and the economy are in crisis, Sen is still its own way. After Philadelphia experienced 10 chaos but brilliant season, Iverson harvested a MVP trophy, 4 scoring and 7 times the best 2k mt honor. But more meaningful is that he became the voice of the street prodigal son, before the crowd has not been well-known collapse. He often ridicule his iconic extraordinary action, "to come myself! Come!", Because he knew no one can stop it. Before Iverson, six feet tall, but also can not score a little defender, does not exist.