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  • 32-year-old Paul has been one of the league's top point nba2kmt, but his career never broke the second round of the playoffs. While the Clippers in order to retain Paul, just hired Jerry - West for the team consultant. John Bullson, the vice nba2kmt of the Bulls, today accepted an interview with the Chicago Tribune, and when asked whether Rondo would appear in the next season's lineup, Parkson said the nba2kmt had not yet made a decision. The Bulls could choose to pay Rondo's $ 13.4 million next month or buy the contract by next Saturday and pay only $ 3 million. At the same time Parkson also revealed that whether to buy nba2kmt - Wade's contract has not been talked about, at least until now, the Bulls are still under the Wade season will continue to be valid for the premise. 11 NBA championships, 96 NBA best coach, 4 NBA All-Star team coach, the history of six thousand coach ... ... but as a manager, Phil - Jackson or a rookie. During the three seasons of the 2k17 coins, Jackson did not help the team into a playoff, with a total of only 80 wins and 166 losses, winning 32.5 percent. So what happened to Jackson at the president's position? The score nba2kmt Chris Walder has chosen the five bad decisions of Zen Master. Fisher players career war heroes, but came to the Knicks before never had coaching experience. So that a little experience of the helmsome helm of a metropolitan team is very risky, the fact is the case.